Building community and creating social change by raising our voices in song.


One Voice has discovered that a great way to share its mission through music is to create original music for the LGBT community. One Voice has commissioned 23 works in 25 years.

“I attended choral events all over the country. I have been entertained, moved, bored… One Voice’s commission, Definition Suite, was one of the most important commissions that I have seen in the past ten years. It was unique and spoke to the youth generation. It was incredibly powerful to hear a 19-year-old stand up and tell older people something in a way they have never heard before.” - GALA Choruses Board Member

Composers One Voice has commissioned: 

Steve Milloy
George Maurer
Mari Esabel Valverde
Ann Reed
Becky Dale
Christopher Gable
Donald McCullough
Elizabeth Alexander
Gwyneth Walker
Holly Hee Won Coughlin
Jeanie Brindley-Barnett
Jena Root
Joseph Schlefke
Kevin Wojahn
Mankwe Ndosi
Paul Siskind
Robert Seeley
Christoper Aspaas